James Wong's - Homegrown Revolution


Us Brits might not know it yet, but everything from green tea and kiwi fruit, to saffron and sweet potatoes will grow  perfectly happily on our blustery North Atlantic island. So why should we limit ourselves to spuds, sprouts and swede?

James Wong


I am James Wong, a Kew-trained botanist, BBC TV presenter and all round plant geek. Frustrated at the samey-ness of most of the gardening books and advice doled-out to foodie growers in the UK, I have embarked on a mission to personally  trial, research and share cutting-edge info on all sorts of easy-to-grow crops that are just a little bit more 21st Century than spuds and sprouts. I have set up this blog as a free resource as part of a national ‘Homegrown Revolution’  campaign – accompanied by a video ‘blog’, tour of talks, book and even a new range of plants and seeds. Do come back and see how it evolves!


Traditional ‘dig for victory’ veg is great, but if you are after someone just a little bit more exciting, the good news is there is absolutely no reason why you feel you have to be stuck growing the allotment equivalent of powdered eggs and spam.

I believe that this huge range of fancy foodie treats are just as productive and easy (if not easier) to grow than traditional allotment staples & provide harvests that are far more rewarding to grow, exciting to eat and expensive to buy.

Breaking free from the allotmenteers time-warp, the aim of the homegrown revolution campaign is to push back the boundaries of what us Brits think we can grow, opening allotmenteers up to a whole new world of weird and wonderful flavour –  dragging the whole concept into the 21st century.

Based on 3 years of extensive trials to mercilessly test the genuine garden / culinary worthiness of these crops, in this blog, accompanying book, Suttons seed range & even a national tour of talks, I will share the results so absolutely anyone can take part. You just have to get out there and give them a go!